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We are constantly running training for BASI exams during the Summer, Autumn and Winter. Our team of expert BASI trainers can help you on your way to the BASI 1 qualification, we no longer have a set course but we are always keen to help you on your journey. We are happy to offer free advice for those heading on their journey to becoming a ski instructor. Simply hit contact us here and we will help.

Depending on your goals, age and budget we advise people to complete the BASI Level 1 in different places.

If you are still at school, college or university we would advise you to sit the BASI Level 1 training either at a Snowdome in the UK or in the summer ski resort of Les 2 Alpes. This way you will be able to sit the exam during school holidays.

Why do the BASI Level 1 Ski Instructor Qualification?

If you are at School or College It can really help with University applications, we have seen evidence of this, especially during the exam debacle of 2020. Ex Skivo Academy students were accepted into Universities because of their BASI 1 and 2 qualifications where their A-Level grades left them short. The BASI qualifications were seen as differentiators and were aligned with the SQF framework.


The BASI Level 1 can also open the door to ski instructor jobs, whether this is at a dry ski slope or indoor ski centre. Many of our students have gone on to teach skiing whilst they are at University earning good money doing a job that they love.

If however you are taking a gap year or career change and want to combine doing the level 1 with some training and the level 2 course then there are lots of providers that offer this package. Often they are referred to as gap year courses or ski instructor training courses. We advise that you select a company that uses BASI coaches to deliver this product, simply because they will be able to help more with the terminology which will in turn help you significantly during an exam. 

Perhaps bigger than the opportunities it can give you are the things that it will teach you. This course will teach you about the building blocks of skiing and the fundamental elements that make up every ski performance. You will begin to gain a more in depth knowledge and analyse skiers performing the Central Theme (this is what we call the pathway from beginner skier through to parallel skier). You will learn how to take a complete novice and teach them to turn on their skis. You will also learn how to manage a group safely and lead them on a controlled descent. It's a course where you will gain a lot of new concepts that will help you to teach skiing and also improve your own skiing.

If you are interested in completing the Level 1 qualification and becoming a ski instructor please let us know and we can point you in the right direction. Contact us here.

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