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BASI Level 3 ski instructor training
BASI Level 3 Instructor badge


Cost - £2,500

Jan 9th - 2nd April 2022/23

In 2019/20 Skivo Academy joined forces with New Generation to create the best training course possible for the BASI Level 3 ISIA! At the centre of all the decisions is the student, what will make them the best their training course the best it can be, how will they improve the most.

Technical Directors from both sides sat down and drew up plans... 

If you've completed your BASI Level 2 and you want to carry on training, then your next step is to begin working towards the modules of the BASI Level 3. There are lots of parts to the level 3 qualification and it is best to read about them all here.

With us, the BASI Level 3 ski instructor training programme - or ISIA as it is often referred to - has been designed in order to improve your skiing in the best environment and under expert supervision.

We provide you with 140 hours of tuition targeted at making you the best you can be. We use the Private World Cup race piste in Courchevel to host many of our training days. The exclusivity of the piste is a big plus, no training runs are interrupted by leisure skiers. The piste is accessed by its own lift so turn around before your next run could not be faster. The piste is North facing so holds the best snow and we are to set obstacles and courses to produce the outcomes we desire. It is efficiency and quality combined.  Check out the video to get an idea of what the training is all about.

What's the BASI Level 3 Training Plan?

We spend roughly 2/3 of the time on our training piste looking for technical proficiency and 1/3 of our time taking our skills into different environments. When there is heavy snowfall we make the most of this and practise off piste/variables, when there are good bumps we practise bumps and the rest of the time we explore and perfect technique.

It is the ideal way to prepare for your BASI 3 exams. The training puts into practice all of the advice, information and guidance that the trainers Dave and Blake have gained over the years so you can enter your exams with confidence.

For 2021 we will also be including a module on teaching at this level, something that most people never get to practise before their exams.

The Level 3 training course is split into 2 blocks as shown in the timetable below. The idea of the first block is to really improve fundamental ski technique, improving how we stand and move on skis. We will use plenty of brushes and stubbies to help and guide you into the correct sizes and shapes of turn. This is the time that you can really experiment, try new things with your ski technique. We don't just want to make you better at what you already do, we want to change what you do and raise your potential! You have 7 weeks in this block to change your underlying ski technique. We will give you key points that we would like to see you improve and we will work on them together.


Then we move onto block 2, we will move into a variety of environments, terrain, different slope angles, aspects, snow conditions. It is in the second block we will also try to perfect our skills in the bumps. 

Training is 12.5 hours per week. This is split into 4 or 5 sessions depending on our goals for the week. This gives you time to train, digest and practise each day. We strongly advise that you use all of your time wisely.







The BASI 3 Instructor Training Course is not set out to squeeze around the timetable of a ski school but entirely for the benefit of the candidates and it allows time before and after the course, as well as during the half-term break, for candidates to work as ski instructors and gain experience and money. We have extensive contacts to help organise this work if required.

Coaches for BASI Level 3 Training

Only BASI Trainers are used for the Level 3 Training Course. We believe it is really important that your coaches have an insight into how the exams run and the level required to pass the exams.

Equipment for BASI Level 3 Training

Skivo Academy work with several of the largest ski brands and can help to supply you to equipment at reduced prices. We work with Blizzard, Tecnica, Dynastar, Lange and Rossignol. We strongly advise for the BASI Level 3 training that you buy a piste ski with a maximum width of 80mm and radius of between 14m - 18m. We have a whole page dedicated to the skis that you should use for BASI Level 3.

As part of the training we will often set courses that are of slalom radius to help to promote agility and dynamic skiing. We ask that all candidates also have a pair of slalom skis. These slalom skis do not need to be brand new but should be in good condition. If you are in any doubts at all about your purchases please contact us because buying the wrong skis can really limit your progression.


Location of the BASI Level 3 Training

The BASI 3 Training course is based in Courchevel which is part of the 3 Valleys the largest skiable area in the world. The ski lifts are constantly modernised and it has the fantastic selection of slopes for training. We base ourselves on the private piste of the Club des Sports Courchevel. Here you are surrounded by inspiring skiers including regular appearances from National Ski Team members who are training for the World Cup. We move further afield depending upon what we are looking to improve and we will often find ourselves training bumps in Meribel.


Included in your BASI Level 3 Training 

150+ hours coaching 

Video anaylsis using Coach's Eye

Time to complete teaching experience

Private piste for training (World Cup Piste)

Access to training equipment

Training strictly from BASI Trainers

Teaching module

 World-class ski preparation equipment. We use the Snowglide - the same as Ted Ligety! 

Highly qualified & experienced coaches

Reduced Price equipment through our Sponsors

Links to employers the world over

Accommodation Options

When training for BASI Level 3 we have found that people prefer to find their own accommodation options. Whether they want to share with other people on the course or find their own solution matching their own budget. We will support you looking for accommodation for the season, we also connect everyone on the course in WhatsApp group and on our Facebook page so you can discuss accommodation options.

Work Options

When you are doing BASI Level 3 training, if you want to take things seriously then you should devote as much time as possible to getting better. If you need ski school hours to do some of the exams then you should do this when you aren't training. There are a limited number of hours that you can ski during the season, the more of these you can spend working on your skiing rather than working the better you will become. We have gone into detail on planning your route through the BASI level 3 ISIA qualification.

Detailed Information Relating to the BASI 3 Training and Exams


We've written lots of important information relating to your level 3 training, but there is too much to go into on this page. So we have dedicated pages to each of the areas so you can reference the information very easily.

If you want to know about the BASI Level 3 ISIA qualification, including all of the modules and what it allows you to do, then please click here. 

If you're unsure how to go about your BASI level 3 and would like help with the planning then please click here.

If you want to advice and tips on how to pass your BASI Level 3 Technical exam then please click here.

BASI Level 3 Training Programme Timetable
BASI level 3 coach Blake

Blake Williams

Current BASI Trainer

Level 4 ISTD

Test Technique Race Coach

Eurotest Race Coach

Sponsors - Blizzard/Technica/Shred

Blake has trained people for their BASI Level 3 since 2012 and has seen huge numbers of people through the exam. He founded Skivo Academy and it has become the go to place for ski instructor training in Courchevel. Blake holds the highest ski instructor qualifications from Britain, France, America and Switzerland. Blake has recently been working with the British Paralympic team and they successfully achieved Gold at Beijing 2022


Dave Morris

Current BASI Trainer

Level 4 ISTD

Current National Education Team

FIS Race Coach

Sponsor - Rossignol


Dave has been a trainer at the very highest level since time began. He has played a part in more people passing their BASI 3 and BASI 4 qualifications than any other trainer. He heads up the largest Eurotest training operation so the majority of British Level 4 Ski Instructors have been coached by Dave at some point. 

BASI Level 3 training coach Dave Morris

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