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BASI Level 4 Training ski instructor qualification
BASI LEVEL 4 BADGE ski instructor training qualification

Information on the BASI Level 4 Qualification

Similar to the BASI Level 3 (ISIA) qualification, the BASI Level 4 ISTD qualification has many modules to work through, so there is lots of information. ISTD stands for International Ski Teaching Diploma.

Like all the levels of exams you will have done by this time there will be some that you find easier than others. The order in which you take the exams can save you a to of time and money, you will helped with this as part of your BASI Level 4 Training.

It is best to work with your mentors to plan how to attack the exams. There may be certain locations like 3 Valleys or Espace Killy or times of the season that suit you better than others or seem more useful based on your training programme. There is no solution that will fit everyone but try to keep things logical.

Alpine Level 4 ISTD Technical Course

This is a five day assesment. Normally run from Monday to Friday. This is a step up from the Level 3 ISIA course. You will be expected to complete tasks on more difficult terrain. Skivo Academy run training for the BASI Level 4 Technical exam.

In short the course will assess the following aspects:

However, click here if you really want to know everything about the BASI Level 4 ISTD Technical Exam

200 hours teaching experience

These hours must be teaching hours completed after your Level 3 ISIA teaching course. You will be required to complete these before your teaching and technical exams.

Alpine Level 4 ISTD Teaching Course

This is a five day assessment. Normally run from Monday to Friday.

A higher level of teaching ability is expected to be displayed than in the Level 3 exams. The lessons delivered are teaching your peers. You expected to understand how performance links to fundamentals.

It can often feel like you don't know what you are being assessed on in a teaching exam, here we have taken the criteria from BASI

Understanding Assessment Criteria 

  • The Central Theme 

  • Describe the central theme in relation to the fundamental elements without reference to written material 

Beyond the Central Theme 

  • Show a creative understanding of how the fundamental elements link to the strands 

  • Show a creative understanding of how to link input and outcome in relation to the fundamental elements 

  • E.g. Achieve the same outcome using different inputs 

Performance Analysis – The Central Theme 

  • Identify and evaluate faults and provide multiple solutions for each problem 

  • Use the performance threads accurately to benefit the development of the learner 

  • Show a creative understanding of how faults that arise in the central theme may impact on performance beyond the central theme 

Performance Analysis – Beyond the Central Theme 

  • Identify and evaluate faults and provide multiple solutions for each problem, in all strands for skiers of all levels 

  • Use the performance threads accurately to improve performance 


  • Show a creative understanding of the TIED model and use it effectively 

  • Show a creative understanding of the skill acquisition model and the implications for teachers and students of the different phases of learning 

  • Show a creative understanding of the different teaching styles and how they impact on different phases of learning to provide effective outcomes 

  • Show a good understanding of the relevance of the responsibility spectrum 

  • Show the ability to put across your own opinions on learning and how they can lead to effective teaching

BASI Alpine Level 4 ISTD

Level 4 EMS Training Course

This follows on from the Mountain Safety Course completed for Level 3. It is a 4 day course where you are taught everything that you need to know in order to complete 6 logged tours and the EMS exam.

6 Logged Tours

Ski touring without a guide. You are leading you make the decisions, you log the tours. You will need 3 tours of at least 600m ascent and 3 of at least 1000m of ascent. These tours must be away from ski lifts and they must be completed before the EMS exam.

EMS exam

This is a 3 day exam. You will need to lead the group in all conditions. You will need to make decisions on safety, navigation, group management.

Euro Speed Test

Often referred to as the speed test or Eurotest. This is a Giant Slalom exam where you are compared to a 0 FIS point skier (the best in the world). You are not expected to come anywhere close to the best in the world, but none the less this is a difficult exam that can trip a lot of people up. Read more about the Eurotest.

BASI Coaching Course

If you completed this as part of your level 3, you don't have to do it again. It is the same course. Really it should be completely as early as possible because it has a relatively low pass rate and is a good one to get under your belt whilst you are training for others.

Written Project

This is a 3000-4000 word essay on the Snowsports Industry.  A relatively large topic that you can choose from.


You will not fail this. However it needs to be done once all other modules are completed. It is simply a 15 minute informal chat about your journey, your project and your plans moving forward.

After your BASI Level 4 Qualification

You will be able head to teach anywhere in the World(Visa dependent). Some people choose to become a BASI trainer, this is a tough selection process but allows you to examine students on behalf of BASI.

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