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Here at Skivo Academy we have offered training for every ski instructor exam over the years and we are very proud of our extremely high pass rates. We we now specialise in the training for those aiming for the top level exams. All of our coaches are BASI examiners and qualified to the highest level in many other countries including Italy, USA, Switzerland and France.

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Ski Instructor Training Courses Explained and How to Choose the Right one

There just seems to be so much information and choice out there and it can be hard to find what is right for you. The most pragmatic way to go about finding the right course for you is to firstly ask yourself...


Do you want to become a Ski Instructor or simply get better at skiing?

This question matters for 2 reasons...

1) Some qualifications have limited acceptance across the world - If you want to teach skiing it is best to have a ski qualification that is recognised world wide at the very highest level, so if you wanted to work your way to the top of the ski instructor system you have access to work in every country. In short this is the European qualifications of the major Alpine nations (Austria, Italy, France, Germany and Britain are currently included). Qualifications from these countries will allow you to work all over the world.

Countries such as America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand all have their own qualification systems and whilst all excellent they are not aligned with the highest levels of the European Alpine Nations so are not accepted to the same degree in Europe which means you are restricted or simply not allowed to work. 


2) Some countries require visas for work. So if you want to become a ski instructor this is really important. if you have a qualification that is recognised in just one country e.g. America and then you can't get a visa. Your qualification is unfortunately not going to allow you to work anywhere else. This can be incredibly frustrating for people.

Most people logically decide that if they are based in Europe and Speak English as their first language then the BASI (British Association of Snowsports Instructors) qualification is their best option, however If you have a flair for languages then you may try the Austrian/German Instructor Systems or if you have ski racing experience then the Italian or French ski Instructor systems may suit. Each nation structures their Ski Instructor pathway differently but at the top level they are all recognised by each other.

Once you have decided which qualification you are going to choose you then need to choose the provider of your ski instructor training course and the location...

You may already have a preference of where you want to do your training because of job commitments, accommodation options etc. If you aren't already set on a location then I would be looking at amount and variance of terrain and is it suitability for the qualification that you're training for?  The ski village, is there anything going on? It's important to get the right balance here, think carefully about your priorities, is it partying or is it becoming qualified as a ski instructor, no one expects you to live like a monk but equally partying every night is not the way to make it to the top.

The other consideration is who will be providing the coaching? Are they current examiners in the system you're training for? This can't always be possible but can be a huge plus and often it is sign that they can demonstrate to the level required for the exam. Ultimately in a training course the most vital agreement is the coaching, are the coaches experienced of coaching at the level you want and do they have a proven track record.

What time is the coaching carried out, morning is best, pistes are in better condition, sun is on it's way up, you are full of energy and have not been dragged down by any of the daily admin tasks.

Once you have taken all of the above into consideration then you are down to probably one or two options. The final deciding factor is price, are you getting value for money. It may seem like a lot of questions but this process should give you a method of crystallising what you actually want and ruling a large part of the market out leaving you with the perfect ski instructor training course.

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