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The EuroTest and ISIA Speedtest are race based tests are often the sticking points for a lot of ski instructors. If you don't know what the Eurotest or ISIA Speedtest are then click here to read all about them.

We advise that people start their Eurotest and ISIA Speedtest Training as soon as is possible.

It is worth noting that for BASI candidates the ISIA speedtest is not a module that is needed to complete your ISIA..

We use the Courchevel World Cup Stade to train for the EuroTest ski exam in the winter. We believe the earlier you start preparing for this exam the better. It is one of the trickier modules of the Level 4 ISTD qualification as there are lots of potential variables on the day, such as snow conditions, light, speed of the openers, bib number. We aim to help you control the controllable elements and minimise the impact of the other variables. This should give you the best opportunity to pass.  


We use a lot of ski timing during Eurotest training, we feel this is an excellent coaching tool as it allows athletes to see how their adjustments impact on time. It also excellent training getting used to being timed. 

We use only coaches that are experienced in coaching the Eurotest. Training for the Eurotest is often different from simply race training, there are others factors that must train, more so than simply race training.

  We use terrain that prepares you well for any test that you may go and sit, whether it is flat, rolling or steep, we have the facilities to train all of these types of courses. We have access to the facilities of the Courchevel World Cup training piste and whilst this may sound intimidating it is an excellent opportunity to train alongside professionals and be inspired to be the best you can be.

Why do EuroTest Training?


More job opportunities if you pass

Better paid jobs if you pass

Really improves technical skill and understanding

Fantastic disciplined training programme

Can form part of your BASI Level 4 Training

Develops understanding of skiing

Another module from the BASI Level 4 ticked off


12.5 hours per week coaching


The best equipment available, including brushes, stubbies, World Cup gates


State of the art Freelap timing system


World-class ski servicing equipment. We use Snowglide - the same machine the same as Ted Ligety!


Structured fitness programme twice per week


Season long training


World-class facilities on the Courchevel World Cup Stade


Highly experienced and qualified national

level coaches


Structured fitness programme twice per week


Full time mentor


Links to employers the world over


…and much, much more!



Agustin Torres

 Level 4 ISTD

Argentinian national team

Adrian Dunlop

 Level 4 ISTD

Ex Team USA coach

Eurotest time setter
Eurotest pass
Eurotest passes
GS training for Eurotest
Tuck training for Eurotest
Training flats for GS
Freeski training for ET
Cross training for Eurotest

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