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All Year Round

Skivo Academy offer the opportunity to take advantage of the School Holidays and get a week of training. During this time period we are offer ski racing indoors at one of Europe's leading snowdomes. Depending on the age and level of participants we suggest going to different snowdomes. 

Indoor Ski Camp Locations

For most the best snowdome for race training is Langraaf in the Netherlands. Here it is friendly terrain and can be an excellent place to work on fundamentals and improve your ski racing. It is used by the youngest ski racers all the way up to the oldest ski racers. For those looking for steeper or icier terrain then the best option is most likely Wittenberg, this is close to the city of Hamburg in Germany. The Wittenberg snowdome is used by many World Cup ski teams and it is an excellent environment to get used to icy terrain and steeper slopes. 

All of the indoor ski camps run using multiple sessions per day. This is because you are given a private lane and a time slot (often 2 hours) to run your training, however just one of these sessions would not be sufficient and running them back to back would be too much so they are split over the course of the day.

The main technical focus at these camps are fundamentals and slalom, this is because of the length of slope at the indoor ski slopes.

We run these camps both in cooperation with local ski clubs and as camps for individuals to book on to improve their racing. 
If you would like any further information on any camps that are running then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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