Feb Half Term

This camp is operated out of Courchevel with the day's activities taking place on the World Cup Stade based in 1850. Here we try to implement what we have learnt on previous camps and put it into a more race orientated environment.

We will set every day that we can but we like to do this alongside other training.


As the camp is one week long we try to make the most of our time. So we may use terrain such as moguls to help us with developing movement patterns and work our fore-aft balance. Or we may do some work outside of the gates before entering into the days racing.



Our minimum age on this camp is 10 yrs.


Going forward our camp is going to be split into 3 groups.


Up to 12

This is aimed at the younger generation of ski racers, different sets working on fundamentals inspired by the USA coaching system.


13 -15

As the younger racers become stronger we start to work on different tactics, cross blocking, steeper terrain and more difficult course sets to develop and challenge. In this age group we expect junoirs to bring both SL and GS skis and if you need help with skis please let us know. We don't want this to stop anyone.


With the success of our camp in the past few years many of our young atheletes have moved into the FIS group. This group will train seperatlely as course sets are different, distances are larger and it is an all round more physical camp. This camp will use lots of ski timing and all atheletes are expected to be 100% committed to the programme. All of our FIS atheletes should have both SL and GS skis.




4 days Coaching every afternoon

1 full day coaching all mountain

Highly qualified & experienced coaches

After ski fitness/stretching

Technical, Tactical & Pschology Training

Superb location for training

Video review with Coach's Eye

Ice Skating

Bilingual Coaches

Ski Prep with Snow Glide the choice of the World Cup Superstars

Rock Climbing

Lift passes





Blake Williams



Current BASI Trainer

Head Coach

Dynastar Ambassador

Natalie Beattie


GB Team

2013 British Slalom Champion

28 FIS Points in Slalom

41 FIS Points in GS

Dynstar Ambassador

  Sophie Readman



 ex Team GB

Race coach Level 2

47 FIS Points in GS

50 FIS Points Slalom

60 FIS Points Super G

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