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race training Courchevel

For many years we have provided high quality ski race training for a variety of different reasons and goals. Skivo Academy offer Giant Slalom and Slalom for junior, FIS, Masters and Visually Impaired athletes. All of our race camps are based in Courchevel, 3 Valleys during the winter season and take place on the famous Courchevel World Cup Stade! If you want to improve your ski racing then Skivo Academy can get you there.

Junior, FIS, Masters & Visually Impaired Race Training

Skivo Academy offer training for Junior racers, FIS athletes, Masters race training and coaching for Visually Impaired athletes. Our coaching team have experience in coaching up to National Team level in all of these categories. All of these programmes are located on the Courchevel Race Piste where we are based for the Winter Season. If you are interested in the FIS, Masters or VI race training please send us a message so we can ensure the programme is right for you. We run race training every week during the winter season in Courchevel and during the summer months in Les 2 Alpes. Our coaching team consists of ex National team coaches and skiers, FIS racers, Masters racers and BASI trainers, so there is a wealth of knowledge to draw from. 

We believe that along with your own attitude and athleticism the quality of the coaching is what has the greatest effect on the success or failure of your training which is why all of our hand-picked coaches have either raced or coached at National Team level and are highly experienced in ski racing.


Test Technique

 The Test Technique is an exam for Ski Instructors in France to work as a Stagiere (Trainee). This means you are allowed to work as a ski instructor before being fully qualified. It is a Slalom exam, you can read how the pass times are calculated here and without prior experience of skiing Slalom it is notoriously difficult...However with athleticism, technique and determination these are barriers that can be overcome. For the Test Technique training please click here.


The Eurotest is an exam for ski instructors required by all of the main European Alpine Nations for Ski Instructors that want to be fully certified to the highest level. It is a Giant Slalom race, you can read more about how the Eurotest pass times are calculated here. The Eurotest is all referred to as the Speed Test, it is often the biggest hurdle to overcome before becoming qualified as a ski instructor to the highest level. We believe that the sooner you start race training the more likely you are to finish all of your Ski Instructor exams. For the Eurotest Training please click here.

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