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It's possible to work as a ‘stagiere’ (or trainee ski instructor) in France by undertaking the Test Technique. Not only will this provide you with yet more valuable experience, but the Test Technique is often better paid than other Level 2 instructor positions available in the ski industry.


We offer winter season training for the Test Technique, based in Courchevel, France. We use the World Cup Stade in order to do this, which is a very reliable and well-maintained piste that offers a variety of pitches for all stages of your learning.


As with all of the ski instructor training courses we offer, the programme includes French lessons, fitness classes, and invaluable support from both our mentor and physio.

(Training dates exclude New year, Christmas, Half Term and Easter)


What is the Test Technique?



Why train for the Euro Test?


Work in France before Level 4 


Better paid jobs if you pass


Really improves technical skill and understanding


Fantastic disciplined training programme


Great training for the Level 3 ISIA and Level 4 ISTD piste performance


Develops understanding of skiing



150 hours coaching


The best equipment available, including brushes, stubbies, World Cup gates


State-of-the-art Freelap timing system


Dedicated team physio


World class ski servicing equipment. We use the Snowglide machine - the same as Ted Ligety!


Two chances at the Test Technique


World class facilities on the Courchevel World Cup Stade


Season long training


Structured fitness programme


Highly experienced and qualified national level coaches


French classes included 


Full time mentor


Links to employers the world over


…and much, much more!


Agustin Torres

 Level 4 ISTD

Argentinian National Ski Team

Adrian Dunlop

 Level 4 ISTD

Ex USA Ski Team coach

Test Technique Ski Exam
Slalom Training
Test Tech bib 60
Test Techniques passes
Slalom Training
Julien Lizeroux

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