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BASI Level 3 ski instructor training
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BASI Level 3 ISIA qualification modules Ski Instructor qualification

There are lots of modules in the BASI Level 3 (ISIA) qualification, displayed by the diagram. It can be quite a minefield to know which order to tackle these in. As part of our mentorship we offer advice on the best approach to these courses. It can save a lot of time and money to sit the right exams in the right location at the right time. As part of our BASI Level 3 Training we guide you through the courses and locations. We have also provided help with planning for the BASI level 3 ISIA qualification.

Below is information about each module of the BASI Level 3 qualification.

Alpine Level 3 ISIA Technical Course

This is a five day assessment course. The idea is continual assessment, however in reality it is likely that the first 2 days will be used as training days and then the last 3 days will be assessment days. This is subject to weather. The course normally run from Monday to Friday.

You are largely assessed on your skiing performance but the course also develops your understanding and knowledge. For a more in depth look at the technical course you should check out our page dedicated to this,BASI Alpine Level 3 ISIA Technical Course.

Alpine Level 3 ISIA Teaching Course

This is a five day assessment. Normally run from Monday to Friday.

A higher level of teaching ability is expected to be displayed than in the Level 2 exams. The lessons delivered are often beyond the central theme, beyond snowplough and basic parallel.

200 hours teaching experience

These hours must be completed teaching. This is a change from the Level 2 qualification, where you could gain ski school experience from shadowing a ski instructor.

Evolution of BASI course (Supersedes Common Theory Course)

This is an online course that can be completed in your own time. This could be a good one to get you on your way for low cost and effort.

Off-Piste Mountain Safety

This consists of four days of training and a two day assessment. If successful you are able to lead clients in an off-piste descent within the confines of the ski area boundary.


Second Discipline

As part of the ISIA organisation you are required to be proficient in a second discipline. The options for your second discipline are:

  • Snowboard Level 1 Instructor Course

  • Telemark Level 1 Instructor Course

  • Adaptive Level 1 Instructor Course

  • Nordic Level 1 Instructor Technical Course


Second Language

In the words of BASI "This should be the language of the country in which you intend to ski." However the reality is you just need a second language, you can always decide later where you ultimately want to end up teaching.

There are no exemptions unless your mother tongue is your second language, this will be easily provable by phone call.


This is conducted by phone or can be completed on one of your ski courses if your trainer is one of the language assessors. It is a 15 minute test and you should be able to cover the following topics:


  • Where you are on the mountain

  • How many people are involved

  • What you suspect the injuries are and how they were incurred

  • Give your understanding on the scale of gravity

  • You should also be able to explain how and where you would contact the emergency services in the event that mobile phone networks were not available

BASI Coaching Course(supersedes Coaching Level 1)

After this course you should be in a position to run a programme for young atheletes.

SkivoAcademy offer BASI Level 3 training which includes many of the above modules.

What does the BASI Level 3 allow you to do?

Successful students will be able to ski to a high level, and have the knowledge, ability and understanding to safely teach alpine skiing up to and including advanced skiers. Individuals who do not reach the required level may be required to resit all or part of the course. Once the BASI Level 3 is complete you will be able to work as a more senior instructor and you can teach anywhere in the world. It's worth noting that some places require top-up qualifications, such as the Test Technique, or some other countries may limit the time you can teach for per season, like Italy.


Post-BASI Level 3

You will be able head to Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland or do some teaching and come back to Courchevel for the rest of the season and start working towards your Level 4. A lot of people start training for their Euro Test as soon as possible - we strongly advise this!


After the winter season, many of our students head down to the Southern Hemisphere to teach in places such as Mt. Hotham, Mt Baw Baw, Perisher, Cadrona, and Rainbow. Here they accumulate teaching hours as well as hopefully saving some money. We then have a BASI Level 4 Training Programme that allows you to teach, earn and train in the same season; however, this isn't the only option. Our trainees have headed all over the world in the past, ending up in Japan, America, Canada, Austria, and Switzerland. Some have gone on to complete the Test Technique and work in France as a stagiere.


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