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Terms & Conditions

SkivoAcademy has taken great care with all the arrangements that concern your trip. We ask you to read the following conditions carefully before booking onto our trip.

If you have any queries regarding any of the following points please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. The applicant must have had a discussion regarding course prerequisites.

2. The application will only progress and a place reserved if: a. a minimum non refundable, non transferrable deposit has been received. b. the booking form is signed and returned. Completion of the online booking form is also acceptable as you automatically accept our Terms and Conditions in completing and submitting this form via our website. c. the applicant is under 18 then a parental consent form is signed by a parent/guardian. Please request a copy of this from the UK office.

3. Payment instalments and final payment are received as per the payment schedule detailed under “How To Book”.


4. Any changes to bookings must be received by email and agreed by SkivoAcademy by return email.


5. All students must be fully insured for their trip, including off piste skiing.

6. Personal belongings: SkivoAcademy accepts no liability for loss, delay in transit or damage to personal belongings. Where third parties are involved, providing transport or any other services, reference must be made to their respective terms and conditions, which apply to their obligations and liabilities. SkivoAcademy cannot under any circumstances be responsible for acts of omissions of any third party.

7. Damage: Any damage to the accommodation or any property by the applicant, whether accidental or deliberate, are not the responsibility of SkivoAcademy. Any such damages must be paid for in full immediately in the resort by the applicant.


8. Cancellation by SkivoAcademy: In the unlikely event we have to cancel your Ski Instructor Course, all monies will be refunded.


9. SkivoAcademy recommends that applicants have suitable insurance to cover cancellation of the course.


10. Cancellation by applicant: In the event you choose to cancel your place on the ski Instructor Course then no monies will be refunded or transferred to any other course.


11. Leaving course before course end due to injury: SkivoAcademy will make no refund in the event that an applicant sustains an injury whilst participating in the Ski Instructor Course, where injury leads to having to leave the course. Any claim would require to be made via the applicant’s own insurance policy and no monies would be refunded by skivo2 for any unused part of the course training/accommodation.


12. A Ski Instructor Course requires a minimum of 5 students to run.


13. The Ski Instructor Course content is subject to change.

14. If the venue of the course is adversely affected by snow, weather or any other circumstances, Skivo Academy reserves the right to cancel the course or alter the venue without prior notice or warning.

15. SkivoAcademy reserve the right to refuse training to any applicant who, in the opinion of the SkivoAcademy is unsuitable for the course.


16. Any person found under the influence of alcohol or drugs during course contact time will be removed from the course with no refund.

17. SkivoAcademy shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising whether in respect of death, bodily injury, and illness suffered or contracted, loss, costs, damages or expenses incurred whilst completing the Ski Instructor Course. Exemptions would be for death or personal injury arising through the negligence of SkivoAcademy.


18. As an applicant for any trip, whether applying by telephone, fax, email or letter you agree to abide by these conditions.

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