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BASI Level 4 Training ski instructor qualification
BASI LEVEL 4 BADGE ski instructor training qualification


COST - £2,500

Jan 9th - 2nd April 2022/23

Skivo Academy in conjunction with New Generation offer BASI Level 4 Instructor Training. The unique programme was devised by the Head Coaches from both programmes to combine resources and deliver a course that is truly a market leader. 

If you've completed your BASI Level 3 and you want to carry on training, then your next step is to begin working towards your BASI Level 4. You can expect training to be tough but extremely rewarding.

The Level 4 ski instructor training programme - or ISTD as it is often referred to - has been designed in order to improve your skiing in the best environment and under expert supervision.

We provide you with 150 hours of tuition targeted at making you the best you can be. We use the Courchevel Stade for most of our training.  The exclusivity of the piste is very advantageous, you can train without having to negotiate your way between holiday skiers. The piste is accessed by its own drag lift so you can practise and train in the same way that the National Team skiers do. We estimate that this improves efficiency by around 50%, less standing around and more skiing. Check out our video to get an idea of what we do...


















What's the Plan for the BASI Level 4 Training?

We spend roughly 65% of the time on our training piste looking for technical excellence in our piste performance and 35% of the time we try to put these skills into practise all over the mountain. The training for the BASI Level 4 has move from strength to strength over the years.

Training is 12.5 hours per week, this is normally spread over 4 days. Giving you time to work on your skiing both inside and outside of training time.

This course is designed with the level 4 candidate in mind, we focus on what will produce the best skier and in turn this will give the best results. It is this philosophy that has created our high pass rates.

The BASI Level 4 training is broken into 2 blocks. 7 weeks of training in the first block and 5 weeks in the second block. You can see from the diagram below that the first block is time to make big changes, changing the fundamentals and experimenting. The second block we intend to move this improved technique into more exam based scenarios including different gradients and snow conditions.


Coaches for BASI Level 4 Instructor Training

We only employ BASI Trainers for the BASI Level 4 Training Course. It is key that your coaches know the standard you need to get to and how to get you there.

Equipment for BASI Level 4 Training


It is likely that you will still have your skis from your level 3, it is probably best to sell these and get some new ones to get the most out of your training. You may want to take a slightly stiffer ski but you should certainly ask the coaches before you do this. We have a page dedicated to ski selection for the BASI Level 4 training and exams, click here

Location of BASI Level 4 Training

We have selected the perfect location for training. We spend most of our time on the private piste in Courchevel 1850. This piste is accessed via both a chairlift and drag lift, it is often used for many elite skiers such as World Cup skier Alexis Pinturault and the French National Ski Team. When appropriate we use the terrain of the 3 Valleys but we don't like to ski round for the sake of it during training time. We try to use targeted ares to improve certain skills.

Included in your BASI Level 4 Training 

150+ hours coaching 

Video anaylsis using Coach's Eye

Time to complete teaching experience

Private piste for training (World Cup Piste)

Access to training equipment

Training strictly from BASI Trainers

Teaching module

 World-class ski preparation equipment. We use the Snowglide - the same as Ted Ligety! 

Highly qualified & experienced coaches

Reduced Price equipment through our Sponsors

Links to employers the world over

Accommodation Options

When training for BASI Level 3 we have found that people prefer to find their own accommodation options. Whether they want to share with other people on the course or find their own solution matching their own budget. We will support you looking for accommodation for the season, we also connect everyone on the course in WhatsApp group and on our Facebook page so you can discuss accommodation options.

Work Options

Some people work as a ski instructor whilst training for their Level 4 in Courchevel if they have passed the Test Technique.We have found that people are able to attend more sessions if they don't have to work during off-peak times. For this reason we suggest that people try to work pre New Year week, half term and Easter. That way you can make the most of training. An option for doing this is with some of our partners in Italy, if this interests you please speak to our coaches for further details.

Detailed Information Relating to the BASI Level 4 Training, Qualification and Courses.


If you want to know more about the BASI Level 4 qualification then please click here.

If you are unsure what skis to use for your BASI Level 4 exams then please click here for some advice

If you would like some advice on passing your BASI Level 4 qualifications then please click here

BASI Level 4 training coach Blake Williams
BASI Level 4 Training coach Dave Morris
Blake Williams

Current BASI Trainer

Level 4 ISTD

Test Technique Race Coach

Eurotest Race Coach

Sponsors - Blizzard/Technica/Shred

Blake is still a current BASI trainer and examiner as of 2020. He founded the programme in 2012 and has seen many people through their BASI Level 4 exams and Eurotest. 


Dave Morris


Current BASI Trainer

Level 4 ISTD

Current National Education Team

FIS Race Coach

Sponsor - Rossignol


Dave is a current member of the BASI National Education Team. There are few people more respected as a coach for the BASI Level 4 qualification, Dave has been at the top of the game for over 15 years.

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